Opt Out of centeda.com

You, or an authorized agent on your behalf, may request to opt out of the sale of your information by centeda.com.

Please find the specific profile page URL on centeda.com, copy and paste it into the Profile URL field below, then click Submit.

ex: https://centeda.com/report/autoselect_report?pid=XXXXXXXX

How to Find the URL of a Specific Profile

You can find the URL to a specific profile by running a search for your name at centeda.com. When you find the correct profile, copy the URL and paste it into this form. You can also send this URL to us via email at, ccpa@centeda.com

There may be multiple profiles on centeda.com with similar names and addresses. Each of these profiles has a unique URL. You will need to submit an opt-out request for each profile individually.